Ramita D.O.O.
- About Us -

Who are we?

RAMITA D.O.O. has a basic activity in market of registered medicines of the world known producers intended especially for esthetic branch of medicine.

We are team of experts that likes challenges, innovations and accomplishments. With the years of experiences we constantly follow the latest achievements in esthetic medicine, we visit relevant medical gathering and accredited congresses so we can follow world trends, we are always there for you.

RAMITA DOO is WHOLESALER, exclusive importer and distributer of registered medical preparer of prestige and well-established Italian house MARLLO BIOMEDICAL:

We stand from other wholesalers by organizing of the unique seminars lead by our famous doctors in esthetic medicine. So, we are the only specialized for SEMINARE INTRALIPO therapies (removing of the localized fat layers).

Prepares for which we are exclusive importers and distributers can be found only in doctor’s offices that have gone through right education and gain certificate.

Knowledge, experience, service quality, usage of the innovative technologies, registered preparation, doctors team and esthetic team- all in one place in RAMITA, that gives our seminar beginners quality, interactive approach and qualifies them for self-contained work.

Basic purpose is for customer to be pleased in Ramita doo, fulfilled with quality and everyday expanding of number and scope of seminars. If you want to expand your business please see us at Stanislava Sremčevića 16a. Our team ahead with dr Svetlana Pejic-Geric and dr Dejan Milutinovic will help you with it.

Relationship with buyers and suppliers, wholesaler Ramita looks as strategic and partnership in all segments of doing business together.