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Meet Alidya

Alidya is the first solution injection for treating cellulite i.e. injection solution for specific medical used with protocol with intradermotherapy with physiological and paraphysiological changes connected to originate and evolution of the gynoid lipodistrofy (cellulite). It is developed by prof. Pasquale Motolese, and patented all over the world. Indications: treating gynoid lipodistrofy (cellulite), post-liposuction treatment, post intralipotherapy, lipoedem with or without limfoedema, changes in sub acute adipose tissue.

Project Alidya is made with the purpose to secure not functional but assistive therapy using means for correction of changes in structure of the skin and sub acute tissue changes for lypodistrophy and for hypotrophy. Actually these changes are clinically manifested with the presence of small negative depression-dent on the surface of the skin, which brings to irregular and cracked skin.

Correction of these skin depressions, dents on the surface of the skin is not possible to get with existing absorptive fillers which are available on the market, concerning failed attempts with poliactic acid that’s been showed as very reactive and profibrotic with meaningful creation of the scared tissue. Actually technically it is very difficult to make correction with gelatinated and highly viscose product, which releases microparticules.

Alidya, with its special formulation is intended for surface sub acute tissue and it is different from the rest of the products because it reacts also on deeper parts of the skin i.e. derma. Alydia represents new class of the injectable means which are based on amino-acids same as the ones that already exist on the market and which are used in juvenescence of the skin (Jalupro, Skinr..) the difference is that the formulation of Alidya is that it adapts better to biological surrounding whether it is superficial or deeper sub acute part of the skin.


Alydia is a solution for the injections for external sub acute part of the skin, which contains components, which are, absorbed quickly (within few hours) which do not contain substances with pharmacological action.

Although there is no other product with the similar specific indication, there is a huge number of products with the similar constitution, which are used for the purpose of the bio-revitalization and skin bio-restructuration. The difference between these products and Alidya is that the formulation of the Alidya is that it adapts to osmolarity and pH values in different surroundings not just the ones inside the derma.

Medical evaluation

Clinical research conducted on women ages 28-65 has shown very good tolerance of the injectable means with the absence of the skin reaction of any type. Moreover, the first research (35 women was treated once a week within 7 weeks) has shown high degree of satisfaction of the questioned ladies with the wish to repeat treatment as soon as possible.


Alidaya is the first solution injection for treating cellulite i.e. injection solution for specific medical used with protocol with intradermotherapy with physiological and paraphysiological changes connected to originate and evolution of the gynoid lipodistrofy (cellulite). It is developed by prof. Pasquale Motolese, and patented all over the world. Indications: treating gynoid lipodistrofy (cellulite), post-liposuction treatment, post intralipotherapy, lipoedem with or without limfoedema, changes in sub acute adipose tissue.

Alidya - removes cellulite and brings permanent results

By definition, cellulite is phenomenon, which causes chain of negative physical and psychic reactions.

Medical name for cellulite is "ADIPOSIS DEMATOSA".

Development of the cellulite is slow and it goes in phases:

  • Phase of vein and lymph path: changed microcirculation and small blood vessels in deep tissue of the derma are spreading;
  • Edematose phase: Drainage system begins to work slower and wasted materials are kept inside the interstinal space. That causes liquid to goes through blood vessels into tissues, which brings to developing edema. Intersticial space enlarges, suppresses content and decrease drainage creating charmed circle;
  • Proliferative phase: irregularities that occur disturb regular flow of the nutritious matters and oxygen. Undernourished cells experience changes in number and size, glycosaminoglycan production is enlarged, appears more viscose consistency and elastic fibers becomes harder forming the network with appearance of formless adipocyte forms which gathers in knots on the surface;
  • Phase sclerosis: Here are more touchable knots, there is the reaction and creation of fibrosis scars which pulls round formations of dermis causing orange skin i.e. characteristic look of the cellulite.

Studies of dr. Motolose published in u European Journal of Aesthetic Medicine Dermatology at the end of 2011. Treats pathophysiological causes of formation of the cellulite. The most spread hypothesis applies to anatomic schedule of fat lobules settled in external zone sub acute (under skin) fatty tissue, which gets inflamed and causes stage of path (clog) , that enlarges permeability of microcirculation. Identification of potentially toxic elements could be a cause of tissue fibrosis.

Three biopsies of the tissue taken from three different women have shown traces of some metals, so it is presumed da it is a presence of intraadipos toxic metals connected with degeneration of the tissue, which is developed in cellulite.

Meaning of cellulite refers to esthetic look that is mostly in women’s population, where changes happen in skin profile, especially in lower extremities. His nature is complex and controversial so if it is little bit of scientific proofs, three pathogenesis are described:

  • Circulation disturbance which causes microvascular paths in sub acute adipose tissue, connected with:
  • Women hormonal factors, that has the impact on chronic tissue inflammation,
  • Structural anatomic defect in which presence of fibrosic sept administrative on surface of the skin, with angled orientation of fat lobuls ( in men orientation is parallel with the surface of the skin).

During the research, biopsy is conducted in anterolateral cellulite thighs, three woman ages 33,35 and 40, so we can determine presence of ferit matter in outer cell matrix of the fatty tissue region. Cellulite degree could be classified between III-IV.

Microscopic exam showed that fatty tissue consists of cells different sizes surrounded with great zone of sclerosis, so in the close presence of iron and Hemosiderin.

It is concluded that in a presence of this metals tissue degeneration happens through creations of free radicals, pre oxidation of membranes of the lipids adipocytes creating chronicle inflammation and acidosis of tissue.

This enlargement will result from vascular permeability which comes you can see in cellulite and iron will give its toxic and degenerative results on sub acute fatty tissue making chronicle inflamed state, acidosis, cell degeneration and necrosis. It will arise gradually and continuous damage.

Alidya treatment favor removing iron chelate produced from EDTA and solution of buffer from amino acids with sodium bicarbonate corrector to compensate alkali surrounding and with it cellulite acidosis of the tissue.

ALIDYA composition

  • Poly amino acid gel
  • α 1-4 glycoside
  • EDTA
  • Amino acid puffer composition in correction sodium bicarbonate, osmolarity regulator
  • D-glukopiranosis: glucose cyclical generates intermolecular reaction alcohol group s carbonyl carbon piranose shape of glucose.

Effect: Amino acid mix, metal helator, alkalized system connected with extracellular space can be created balance return in fatty tissue structure.


  • Intradermal: mesotherapy or needle 30G - 4mm, at least 7 application a week, 12 weeks the most
  • After application put drainage
  • Do not use cosmetics on application zone at least 12 hours after treatment
  • Do not expose it to high heat and/or cold.

Cellulite treatment - POLICLINIC Tufet

Conversation with prof Pasquale Motolese about new hypothesis of etiogenetics of cellulite and what we can expect from research in treating area.

Gynoid lipodystrofy known as cellulite is the most controversial problem on skin whose pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical appearance are extremely complex and they are not clearly established and not made complete agreement about it.

Professor Motolese, what is the latest info in scientific literature?

I don’t think that science literature has added something related to genesis of the cellulite. If we ignore our latest researches published in EJAMed about presence of hemosiderin and ferret ions in intersticed area of fatty tissue, everything else is appointed towards supporting questionable clinical effect of certain apparatuses technologies on this deficiency.

What are the best treatments to fight cellulite?

Carbox with effect on artery micro circulation, old vasotrophic mesotherapy, technics of the lymph drainage and some others are those for which it is estimated that are un doubtfully rational and sometimes they are not even enough to feed and clinically acceptable. However, they cannot close charmed circle caused per oxidative damage of the cells, which is the real perpetrator in my opinion, along with the changed biochemical conditions of sclerosis interstitial tissue. Then came new invention called injection Alidya.

What is it?

It is method with injection mesotherapy that is result of longtime research and is specifically complex.

What will be the effects?

They are administered through multiple aimed activities of the different components of means for injecting that can be gathered in next: solubillisation and removing elements of metal nature, alkalization interstitial matrix (contrast hypoxic acidosis), improvement of cell oxygenation through relaxing (setting free) CO2, Effect of shrinking waste matters and peroxidases; induction for restructuring of matrix because of amino acid chains presence of microstructural in accordance with the special schedule; osmolar balance intra and extra cellular parts.

They have spend through multi direction acting of different components devices for injection as it goes: melting and removing metal elements in sub space of alkalized matrix (contrast hypoxic acidosis), improves stationery oxygenation through discharge of CO2 sweeper effect and anti peroxidase; induction of restructured matrix because of the presence of amino acid chains micro structured according to certain sequences; osmolar balance of the section intro and out stations.

Studies in Spain have appointed lost of more centimeters in treatments zones with Alidya.

Is it lipolytic effect?

Absolutely no. Some medical conditions are characterized with strong components of lipedema for which decreasing of the circumference goes to structural reorganization extracellular matrix. It is possible also to presume even arrangement of cito architectural structure of fatty tissue which results in improvement in physiological function cellular and interstiitic thanks to improvement of biochemical and hormonal communication between this two sections. Lipolitic performance, frequently praised it is never achieved by some substance since metabolic process can begin only with endogen hormonal signals (lipolitically dependent intra adipocyte hormone), and then with metabolically needs. Besides known beta receptors in fatty tissue of dependable regions in women’s body are rarely present or completely absent alongside opposite to alfa1 and alfa2 so that any external signal can’t find their real substrate. However you should keep in mind that the evolution of fibro sclerotic tissue stick up with atrophy of the tissue so it is not correct to treat cellulite as excessive fatty tissue even if its certain more presence of fatty tissue that needs to be considered as risk factor for the beginning, keeping in mind steric fiber difficulty and resulting increasing of pressure inside tissue.

In my opinion that fulfills the picture of physiopathology that has missing. Let me explain: Curri teachings remain as a base and without it we won’t surely come to these new phases of the findings. Problem is, in my opinion, conceptual, i.e. deficit microcirculation was always seen beginning and the end of the manifestation in creation of cellulite. Actually, it is certainly needed but should be considered as medium event. So for better understanding of pathogenesis it should be uniquely identify as factor that determines deficit of the micro circulation and well defined as consequences for this. And that is this latest aspect in which I have put my intention.

Can you say that the future carries possibilities of complete and final efficiency of the cellulite treatment?

In these conditions this brings me to say no. Probably the future researches will open new horizons and sharpens therapy strategies but you must consider that gynoid lipodistrophy is condition for development and that this development brings to chisto chemical non returnable frame. Just like Curri said with expression as elegant and effective appointing on phenomenon evolution as “abiotrophic regressive”. Of course it is a great challenge not getting sclerosis of fatty tissue and this we can do with Alidya. Other goal is ambitious and almost utopian: repair the damage that is already determined. Clearly if this result gets done one day, therapeutic acts will have much bigger importance in more serious diseases which are now under esthetic as we all evidently think.

Some general things about cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that touches very large population, especially women 95% cases unlike the rest of 5% in men. During the years of researches committed in fighting cellulite it has been made big progress in its treatment. Today, for the solution of this problem we have available different solutions with the tendency to solve disease thoroughly and long termed. Right term for marking cellulite is PEFS (panniculopathy edematous-fibro-sclerotic) or liposclerosis and with it changes that appears in fatty tissue.

In these zones there is veins and lymph system. Lymph system collects and takes out waste matters from body. Between these two systems there can be imbalance between compositions. That brings blood flow to slow down and keeping the liquid inside the tissues that affects this whole zone. It is cellulite, series of changes that includes at the same time tissue and connective tissue in certain parts of the body. To be more precise that is in all aspects can consider inflammation, which affects the sub acute adipose tissue and manifests with stagnated liquid condition that we call edema (swell). Cellulite in the body changes through time and transforms towards certain phases. First degree is connected with so called micro path of lymph and blood or with unbalanced leaking of tissue.

This conditions is followed by four defined phases:

  • Phase of decadence or stagnation of vein and lymph system, which occurs with hypo oxygenation, is in that way with bad drainage. This condition characterize known look of the orange skin which is rough and unpleasant to touch caused by increase of the adipocyte and following disassociation of the elastic fibers which are not connected anymore;
  • Infiltrating phase where skin begins to look more dehydrated and fragile. This phase carries with itself perception of the nodules and increased pain on touch;
  • Phase of arise of fibrosis where cellulite begins its way to dermis or deeper skin layers. In this phase blocking of the elimination of the carbs appears, which was talked lot about associated with the diet with the weight loss as well as the blocking of the lymph system. Esthetically nodules are transformed into macro nodules of much bigger size;
  • Stadium of the fibroses scar or time in which the dermis fiber becomes much more dense because agglomerate is waste, which is not possible to eliminate because of the stagnation of the liquid like water and fat. Esthetically this phase is manifested with swelling on the skin and leads to degenerative changes that you can see in early phases. The condition brings with itself a strong sensation of pain, which only gets worst with the feeling of the localized cold and which is spread, and origins from the weight that impacts the area.

Factors for arise of the cellulite

For understanding possible solutions for cellulite you need to understand what makes cellulite to look like that and which are the main causes for disease with regard to genetic and life style factors. In understanding the causes of the cellulite first you need to see that triggering reason is not unique but it depends about several factors connected together.

Factors are divided into:

  • Primary the ones that do not depend from persons will or its behavior. They refer to gender, breed, and genetics. Generally taken women are more prone to cellulite. White women more suffer from it because they are more sensitive because of the estrogen functionality on specific receptors in their body constitution. The thing that should notice is genetic appearance of the cellulite because the family represents the first cause in cellulite appearance. If mother or grandmother suffers from it is very likely that the problem will appear in the next generations of women population.
  • Secondary it is connected with the presence of the specific diseases. They are specially connected with the consummation of the certain medicines that inhibits right circulation and contribute to sedimentation of the liquid dermis layers bringing appearance of the disease. For this factors are connected applying of certain hormones and methods of contraception like pills.
  • Aggravating circumstances that refers to life style and from that reason can be corrected. They are specially connected to a bad and imbalanced diet, weak and non-adequate food and too salty and fat food. Smoking and consummation of alcohol drinks brings the reduction of detaining water and because of that they are considered to be main factors in forming the cellulite. That has been followed by sedater way of life with little motion with keeping always the same attitude and not being ready for healthier and more physical activity life.

What we can do to remove cellulite?

Today researches in esthetic medicine have given different weapons in contrary to this problem. Considering that the causes of the cellulite can be in large numbers and almost always is present, it is important that therapy must be efficacious onto several fronts. As we have seen above healthy diet and even light physical activity are necessary for fighting cellulite especially in the phase of maintenance. As far as the treatments it is used different complementary techniques with usual protocols depending of the base condition of the patient. It is clear that because of the sample diversity, one kind of treatment usually is not efficient.

Today’s usual treatment for cellulite

Mesotherapy, for sure is one of the most common act of therapy over the years and today some consider it a little bit “old” because of lack of efficiency and marketing promotion of electro treatments with better results and bigger comfort for the clients. Since October, however, with appearance of new Italian preparation on ALIDYA market , designed and produced specially for cellulite, mesotherapy is most certainly recovered its meaning

Virtual mesotherapy, which is like weapon very efficient. It is the system for transdermal application of cosmetic products, mostly natural base, but medicines as well, or even more often their combination by specific characterized electricity.

Cavitation, medical use of low frequency ultrasound is usually around 40 kHz. It is used mostly for treatment of the localized fat deposit because it has capability to dissolve fat cells and in that way da shrink thickness of fatty tissue. The depth of its function is around 2 cm and this performance of breaking the under skin fat tissue has a very positive influence on cellulite.

Radiofrequency, by acting on specific high frequency electricity can control act on fat cells in depth with biophysics performance of electric energy into warmth. With it one part you do shortage of the existing collagen fibers and skin tightening also encouragement of creation of new collagen “neo collagenases” at the same time improves micro circulation. With it acts effectively on all three pato-physiologically cause of the cellulite: it decreases lypocite volume, improves microcirculation and regenerates connecting tissue and the skin is rejuvenated and tightened.

Apparatured lymph drainage, is a massage that enables important improvement of circulation of lymph liquid as one of the necessary proceeding detox. Also it is necessary for edema treatments especially with lower extremities.

Removing of lymph clog has extremely positive effect in treatment against cellulite and in that way eliminates one of its causes.

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