- Educational texts and invitation for trainings -


26.march - Botox seminar

It is the most popular treatment in the world. Botox has been in practice since 1980. In esthetic purpose it is used in 2002. Botox injection is applied in doctor’s office usually without anesthetic, but the doctor can put anesthetic cream on the part that will be treated. Procedure is 5 minutes long and patient can only feel slight pinch of needle. For the best results the key importance is the choice for choosing the spots for injecting Botox.


27.march - Mezonit seminar

Imagine that you can in just one act do face lifting without scalpel and fulfill wrinkles without filler injection and right after intervention you can put powder on your face and get back to work or some other things that you have to do. Sounds nice and it is not unreal- it is called mezonit. If you have noticed that your eyebrows are falling down, and your cheeks starting to “fall down”, that you have larger wrinkles around your lips, that your neck became wrinkled, your thighs underneath your knees is loosen- it is time for MEZONIT.


28. march - Seminar o AQUALYX-u

We invite you to join us on new seminar about AQUALIX, it is going to be held in Belgrade. Aqualix is a new registered lypolitic on our market, Italian production, which is used in over 52 countries in the world, where thousands of patients are treated very successfully. It is injected via intra-lipotherapy, it is liquid and resorpitive, AQUALIX degrades fatty tissue in local zones.