AQUALYX seminar

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to join us on new AQUALIX course that will take place in Belgrade on 28. march 2015.

AQUALYX is a new registered lypolitic on our market, Italian production, which is used in over 52 countries in the world, where thousands of patients are treated very successfully. It is injected via intra-lipotherapy, it is liquid and resorpitive, AQUALIX degrades fatty tissue in local zones.

It is intended for the patients that don't wish to go with liposuction. AQUALIX is a method of choice for non-surgical removing of fatty tissue in areas where it could not be helped with diets and nor physical activity.


Treatment is painless, AQUALIX doses are modulated to a treating zone, and it lasts 15-20 minutes. Overall number of treatments is individual some average number of treatments is 3-4 times, to get satisfying results with visible results, and with time intervals of 3-4 weeks. With intra-lipotherapy we are modeling the body in natural way and the results are visible after first treatment.

RAMITA DOO is exclusive importer and distributer of AQUALIX and follows the latest achievements in esthetic medicine, and that transfers to their colleagues on their educations.

We want to ask you to join us on course and Dr. Dejan Milutinovic, specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery will provide education about theoretic and practical use of AQUALYX with lipotherapy.


Participants are introduced with the concept of applying AQUALIX in esthetic medicine. They are getting familiar with indications, contra-indications, working technic, unwanted side-effects and their sanction, get to know the theoretic concept for all areas of fatty tissues like neckline, upper arm, stomach, hips, thighs, knees etc...


Lecturer Dr Dejan Milutinović is going to apply AQUALYX on patients, during the practical part, on different zones using intra-lipotherapy. After the course, the certificates will be delivered.

AQUALIX selling is only possible for the colleagues who have certificates!

AQUALYX can be bought on course by the special prices for 210€ (10 pcs in a box), after that it is . The price for Cotisation is 100€ exchange rate is middle in NBS on that day. Payments can be made for: RAMITA DOO, Belgrade, account number 285-0044076450001-49, SBERBANK, PIB: 105380698 or personally.


We hope that you will be the first to bring new therapy method in localized obesity and to expand your business. Please confirm your presence on +381(11)406-49-22, +381(63)17-66-833.

Join us on AQUALIX course from 11-15h, Stanislava Sremčevića street 16a, Belgrade.

If you have any further questions contact dr Radica Colić.
Phone: 011/406-49-22, 063/17-66-833

With respect,