Liposuction without razor!

AQUALYX is a new registered lypolitic on our market, Italian production, which is used in over 52 countries in the world, where thousands of patients are treated very successfully. It is injected via intra-lipotherapy, it is liquid and resorpitive, AQUALIX degrades fatty tissue in local zones.

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First registered medicinal product for cellulite treatment.

Erases cellulite and has permanent results.

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With Aqualyx intralipotherapy your body is sculpted in a natural way, and results are visible after the first treatment.

This method removes fat tissue without surgery in areas where diet and physical activity don't give desired results. Treating localized fat without scalpel.

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Imagine doing face lift therapy without scalpel and wrinkle filling without injecting fillers, in a single treatment. And immediately after the intervention put some foundation or powder and head on back to work or your daily chores.

It sounds nice, and it is possible – the solution is called MESONITES.

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